About Me

Hey, I'm Monique Mull

I went from being an unhealthy, burned-out business owner who was in debt and went almost bankrupt to living a life full of health, joy, and prosperity!

I always knew from a young age I wasn't normal. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I wasn't good at following rules and wanted to do things my way.

I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted more freedom.

At 23 years old, I decided to take on entrepreneurship with no business plan and no experience. I had two things going for me, drive and the ambition to figure it out. And I did. For 15 years I successfully ran a small retail business.

But I found myself burned out, working 90 hours a week in a recession trying to keep it all going. I was a passenger in my own life, chained to a business that no longer lit my inner fire.

I longed to live a life of freedom and adventure. I watched my life fly by on the sidelines, but I didn't see a way out. I knew I was meant for more. I just wasn't sure how to get it.

Have you ever just looked in the mirror and asked yourself, is this it?

Enter Network Marketing

I remember the moment I understood leveraged passive income. I was sitting at an event watching the jumbotron and tears rolled down my eyes. Finally, the ticket for my way out to start the life I dreamed of! But I was nervous. I still had a full-time business to run and a new husband.

The Next Steps…

I jumped in full force to my network marketing business and ended up in the SAME situation as before. I would find myself working 24/7, ignoring my family and health. If I stopped for a moment, I would feel guilty I wasn't working. I had lost all my joy in life and burned out to the point of depression.

I KNEW something had to change, but I didn't know how. I had always been good at time management, and getting stuff done, but at what cost?

I started to make changes. I learned to master my time intentionally and set boundaries to protect my energy. I got organized, systemized, and prioritized spending less time working and living more.

It's your turn

If you're reading this, it means YOU are Ready to step into your power and take back your life!

Because you can have it all…and I am here to help you sort it out!

That's my superpower! My mission is to help 1,000s of women get out of overwhelm and guilt, make serious money, AND have a fulfilling and joyous life!

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