About Me

Hey, I'm Monique

And here's a little bit about me and why I can help you...

Hey, I'm Monique

And here's a little about me and why I can help you.

I am a 20-year veteran business owner and entrepreneur who has built businesses from the ground up.

As a small business owner for 17 years, I was in charge of sales, daily operations, marketing, and administrative departments. I understand just how grueling it can be to have to "do it all".

When I was running my small business it wasn't normal to contract to hire. The internet was fairly new, so I brought in employees to help run things.

Gosh, I would have died for a virtual assistant!

After 17 years, I shut down that business and pursued a career in network marketing, taking my team to the top 5% of the company. I have spent hours and hours in the last eight years learning the skills of social media and content marketing.

I was interested in real estate, so I decided to take a excutive administrative job and learn the behind the scenes working of transactional and closing. After 2 years in that industry and learning the ropes I decided I was ready to pursue other interests.

Which led me to this moment. Taking all the years of my knowlegde and helping other businesses thrive.

Why do you want to link arms with me?

I bring years of expertise in small business and entrepreneurial endeavors. I strive in agile environments and am not afraid to jump in and take the reins to solve problems at hand. My skillsets bring valuable assets to you and allow you to focus on what will help grow your business.

I look forward to speaking with you and discussing how my skillsets can help take some of the burdens off your shoulders to concentrate on doing what you do best and have the time to be present in your life!

Monique Mull

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